French Schoolboys Wear Skirts to Protest Sexism

Male students in Nantes, France, wore skirts on Friday, May 16, in order to support gender equality.

Male students from 27 schools in Nantes, France, wore skirts to school on Friday, May 16, to show their support for gender equality.
The action was to support a campaign called "Lift the Skirt," launched by the city's education authorities, but the idea actually comes from the pupils, The Local reports.

Those who did not want to wear a skirt could opt to wear a sticker saying "I am fighting against sexism, are you?"
The move caused quite a stir, with some right-wing politicians publicly taking a stand against it. Anti-gay French political activist Frigide Barjot asked on Twitter whether girls should be wearing beards.

And some 150 members of anti-gay group "Manif pour Tous," which called the initiative "scandalous," held a protest against the move in front of the Lycée Clémenceau school in Nantes, the AFP reports.
Eggs were thrown and minor tussle between the two groups was reported. However, judging from the video (below) and the many tweets from students, it seems that for most of them, protesting for equality was also a lot of fun.

The "Lift the Skirt" campaign follows a wave of controversy over the new gender equality curriculum, introduced in France earlier this year. The "ABCD of Equality" deconstructs gender stereotypes, promotes equality and teaches tolerance of same-sex couples.

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