Can an iPhone Game Make You a Better Dancer?

Two people play 'Bounden'. a mobile game for partners that makes them dance.

It may not cure your two left feet, but it can certainly do what few other mobile games do: get you moving with a partner. Bounden is one of the most unique iOS games ever released, and it's available in the App Store as of Wednesday.
Bounden asks two people to put one thumb on the same phone, and try to move an object into a rotating target. That movement usually results in a twisting, turning dance. It might be easier to show you how it's done:

The game was created by Dutch studio Game Oven in a partnership with the Dutch National Ballet, which helped them choreograph some of the dances. The ballet troupe also makes playing the game look more like an art form than we ever could.

While the first few attempts may result in fits of giggles, Bounden's creative take on game design will hopefully bring people closer together.
Bounden is out now for $3.99 on iTunes, and will be released on Android soon.

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