Apple's New Retail Chief Could Get Paid $68 Million

Angela Ahrendts, then CEO of Burberry, arrives for the Burberry fashion show in central London, Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010.

This is how you get the CEO of a company to become your head of retail.
Angela Ahrendts, the former chief executive of Burberry, will receive $68 million over the next four years if Apple's stock stays at its current level and if Ahrendts hits performance targets.
The figure, disclosed in an SEC filing, is based on Monday's share price of $600. Ahrendts holds 113,334 restricted shares, which will fully vest in 2018. (The number of shares will be multiplied by seven when Apple's upcoming 7-to-1 stock split occurs.)

Apple shares hit $600 on Monday for the first time since 2012. If the share price once again approaches $700, Ahrendts' compensation will be closer to $80 million.
John Browett, Apple's previous retail chief, received 100,000 shares in the company worth around $61 million at the time, according to 9to5Mac. Browett, who was hired by Apple in early 2012, left the job after nine months.

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